This website allowed people to publicly explain why and let people know what message they were trying to send by spoiling their Police & Crime Commissioner ballot papers.

The submission form has now been removed, but the material collected is available to read.


This election was an undemocratic waste of time.

There was no vote to see what the public’s view of PCCs was in general, there was no information to allow people to make an informed decision, the high cost to run in the election left many independents out in the cold and reducing voter choice.

Overall, farcical, undemocratic and seriously damaged my confidence in the underlying democracy of this country.

I wrote “No to PCC” on my ballot paper, drew myself an extra check box and put a cross in it.

At Odds With Our Constitution!

I actually felt like a vandal committing a criminal act by spoiling my ballot paper but felt it was the only way that I could demonstrate my disgust with the way we citizens of the U.K. have had this sneaky piece of legislation thrust upon us. Whoever in Government thought up this lunacy to replace Police Commissioners with clueless politicians should be ashamed and suspended from office. Apart from the indecent waste of taxpayers money to establish this venture plus the cost of these ‘elected’ political pretenders salaries, imagine how members of our hardworking police force must feel being governed by these impostors. Officers who have risen through the ranks demeaned and demoralised. No doubt Matthew Ellis will work ‘well’ with our Staffordshire Police Force as he’ll have no choice but to do so if only to enable himself to pick the brains of highly experienced personnel. I have always voted Tory so in my opinion, one small consolation is that we don’t have a Labour Party member snatching the ‘top job’. If you live in a Shire that had a candidate from a police background who has won the vote then you’re extremely lucky but it still does not alter the fact that the whole saga is really nothing more than a Greek tragedy played out on British soil.

Firmly against politicisation of the election

I do not feel that a straight choice between Labour and Conservative candidates, backed by party funds, was democratic. Independent candidates, who would have had to find their own deposit and were not given government support for mailshots were unsurprisingly absent.

In the event, a Conservative was elected. If a Labour government comes to power at the next General Election will a conservative Commissioner be wholeheartedly committed to implementing the policies of a government he does not support?

I am 82 years of age and have voted in every election, by-election, or referendum for which I have been eligible. I did not want to abstain and the only option left was to spoil my ballot paper/

Politicising police / value for money

Didn’t agree with this vote as only options were either labour or conservative. If this role is required (cannot comprehend how apparently costs to date could fund several hundred police officers can be justified) the person should be responsible only to their voters and have no party political masters to take into account. (I dream of a day when all those MPs stand only for their constituents)
It would be interesting to know how the massive amount of money this has cost had been spent. The cost of a comment or two online is pretty cheap and wasn’t much else done in Staffordshire

Disagree with the politicisation of the role

Far better to have spent the 100 million on actual police officer recruitment, rather than set up 41 commissioners across the UK, which are political posts effectively, and the post holder is paid far too much for what they are expected to do, anyway.

I have some understanding of the candidates, as material is available on the internet, and there have been hustings where one can meet all the candidates in various parts of the county, ahead of election. However I understand the point of view of many, who say they have no knowledge of the candidates, this is particularly due to the failure in this election to provide relevant literature to all voters (households) – a failure of the government to include this.

The only positive things to come out of this are
a the low turnout,
b the large number of spoilt papers
c a good number of independent candidates were elected (but how independent of party politics are they really?)

Politics has no place in policing

The government’s ill-judged attempt to politicize the police has been met with the contempt it deserves.

The money wasted on this exercise would be better spent on supporting rather than trying to manipulate the police.