A Legitimate Choice

Actively abstaining by spoiling your paper is a legitimate way to participate in an election. It can though be hard to interpret what those spoiling their papers are seeking to achieve, this site intends to give those considering spoiling their papers a way of publicising their motives.

Is Spoiling Your Paper Legal?


How Do I Spoil My Paper?

Be imaginative! Just don’t express a clear preference for a first choice candidate if you want to be sure it is counted as “spoilt”.

Why Not Stay at Home?

Spoiling your paper is a more active way of abstaining than simply staying at home, so it sends a stronger message.

Lobby Your Returning Officer

The numbers of spoilt papers do get counted; however sometimes the numbers are not released at the same time as the rest of the result.

Those spoiling their papers should ensure their returning officers will announce the number of spoilt papers at the same time as the numbers of votes cast for the candidates. Contact details for returning officers are on the official Choose My PCC website.



+44 (0)7971 524076


If the site gets used, it may well be improved and extra features added.

Click Here to Submit Your Own Reasons for Spoiling Your Paper

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