No one can be bothered to campaign

I’m opposed to the notion of elected PCCs in principle because I don’t think the management of the police should be party-politicised and because I think it’s a complex technical field that requires genuine expertise and knowledge, rather than the ability to whip up votes.

However, the main reason I am spoiling my ballot is because of the total lack of effort being made by all candidates in my area to run any kind of campaign to seek votes. I have read the collection of platitudes that passes for an election statement from each of the candidates, on the PCC election website, but you know what: I shouldn’t have to search for reasons to vote for someone. If you’re standing for any kind of elected office, you have to search for me. It’s your job as a candidate to make your case, and find ways to communicate that to me.

No one has done this. If they can’t be bothered to court my vote, I can’t be bothered to cast it.

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