Politics has no place in policing

The government’s ill-judged attempt to politicize the police has been met with the contempt it deserves.

The money wasted on this exercise would be better spent on supporting rather than trying to manipulate the police.

I believe this election is counter-productive

I don’t believe in this election. Too much money was wasted on it, but not enough money was spent on it to make it viable. I do not believe that PCCs should be elected in the first place – it is a technical job, and I do not have the knowledge, experience or information available to make an informed choice.

No information and no experience

Not one of the candidates bothered to provide any information. On looking myself on the website not one of the candidates had any experience of working in the police. Not one of the candidates stated that they would do anything to protect police officers’ jobs or rights let alone enhance them. I do not believe the person to do this job should be motivated by policitical policy or standing nor do I believe that someone who has not been a police officer or had a close family member be a police officer can have any real understanding of the REAL job they do and the effects on their, their families and their communities. For all of these reasons I would not vote.

This should not be a party political issue

There is no justification for holding an election for Police and Crime Commissioner and having candidates stand on party political lines. There has been almost no publicity for what the individuals stand for, how they would approach the job and what qualifications they might have.
This is political meddling for the sake of it.

No clue, no care, no trust

I have been told very little about the PCC elections and nothing about the candidates save what I could glean for myself. The main understanding I have is that this is an attempt to alter how the police work without any real understanding of how they do. The apping of the 1950s system of having matron overseeing the ward is no substitute for the destroyed morale of the police force.

Politicising the police force

This is nothing more than pandering to the pearl necklace clutching, hand wringing, lace curtain twitching Daily mail readers who cry our “won’t somebody do *something* about those (usually BME) youths!”

Only one of our candidates had any experience at all, and he felt we should increase fear. Joy. Because that is the society I want to live in