This election was an undemocratic waste of time.

There was no vote to see what the public’s view of PCCs was in general, there was no information to allow people to make an informed decision, the high cost to run in the election left many independents out in the cold and reducing voter choice.

Overall, farcical, undemocratic and seriously damaged my confidence in the underlying democracy of this country.

I wrote “No to PCC” on my ballot paper, drew myself an extra check box and put a cross in it.

Waste of space

1Two poor and politically motivated candidates who are not worth voting for and definitely not suited for the post.2 Lack of information didn’t help their cause. 3 Ill thought out by Govt.
Old adage, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Undemocratic; political appointments

The need for Police Commissioners has not been justified or even well argued. These are political appointments within an ‘election’ which is trampling all over our democratic processes.The government is barn-storming onwards with this outrageous farce and I find it deeply worrying.

We should be examining the basic structure of our police force, which is not fit for purpose.

No information

I have had no information about any candidates standing in North Yorkshire, I only know that there are two people from the BBC website, not who they are or what they stand for.

Even if I had had information about this, I would still have spoilt my balot as I think the police should be as separate as possible from politics.

This is a complete waste of time and money.

PCCs, what are they good for?

Another opening for professional politicians to do I’m not quite sure what in return for a salary four times the national average? Creating new channels through which political parties can directly influence police activities? Am I missing something here? Oh, and in North Yorks. we have the ‘choice’ between (a) unconvincing Labour candidate and (b) unconvincing Conservative candidate – both of whom will ‘put more police on t’streets’ (ten out of ten for creative solutions) whilst of course saving money. Yeh, right. Why don’t we just save money by sacking the whole idea of PCCs. Key message? NOT THOUGHT THROUGH, GUYS.