We have no information

There has been almost no information on the candidates for my area.

I also strongly believe that this is a job that we should not be voting for. If this is a job that needs to be done, it should have been given to someone in each area who is good for the job. NOT someone who is a good politician.

I wasn’t accepted for my job because i’d manage to get people to vote for me, so why should anyone else? You should get the job because you are suited to it and you have gained ample experience.

I haven’t yet spoilt my vote, and as such i cannot upload an image. But i will be drawing a lovely house on mine prehaps with a lovely tree outside and smoke out of the roof. But dont worry i will write some justification for spoiling it

Job duplication and politicising the Police

The existing ‘independence’ of the police is something that simply doesn’t need fixing. Senior Police officers have reached that level of decision making by merit and experience and in the majority of cases do so in the public’s best interest.

Having a politician employed in a duplicate £65k – £100k role will only reduce funds in already restricted police forces and any person wanting to get re-elected has to be a little self-serving, if well intentioned.

I didn’t ask for this role to be created, I’ve not heard a single argument from any party and I’ve not received a single flyer from my candidates. If I or many of my neighbours choose to vote it would be either (a) voting for your political party or (by) like playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

This website allowed people to publicly explain why and let people know what message they were trying to send by spoiling their Police & Crime Commissioner ballot papers.

The submission form has now been removed, but the material collected is available to read.