No to Politics in Policing

The whole idea of this fills me with fear.

Bringing political ideas and policies into policing is dangerous and should not be happening.
Police Forces across the UK and Wales have suffered immensly what with Windsor being forced upon them and this is the most insane idea.

The public deserves to have their public service – their police forces back. They are being ripped apart.

Don’t believe in the policy

Fundamentally the case has not been made to me that this kind of party-political beauty contest will be any better, in terms of accountability, leadership, outcomes or efficiency than the current model of police authorities.

No consultation and politics should be kept out of policing

This is a major change in the way that policing in the UK is managed and it puts considerable powers in the hands of a single, probably politically motivated individual. In this country we police by consensus therefore we should have had much wider public consultation and a referendum before proceeding with the change. I am also opposed to having a direct link between party politics and policing. I considered voting for an independent candidate in my area – we have several – but decided in the end that I was too opposed to the principle of an elected commissioner and therefore added “Current police authority” to my ballot. This is what I would have voted for in a referendum.

This website allowed people to publicly explain why and let people know what message they were trying to send by spoiling their Police & Crime Commissioner ballot papers.

The submission form has now been removed, but the material collected is available to read.