A new dictatorship (gravy train)

The elected police committee were bad enough and now a dictator.
They are supposed to consult and reflect the thoughts of the general public – how will they do that – the Forest of Dean MP doesn’t, so why would a PCC.
£5000 deposit would put off the lay person and only the rich would apply – snacks of jobs for the boys.
£100,000,000 spent on setting up what the public didn’t want.
They want more police on active duty – the £100,000,000 could have paid for that.
How much will the PCC cost – assume that they get £75,000 (wow – great money for not being accountable) and then add on the office costs of admin, secretarial expenses etc – will be around £200,000 a year or more.
The Gloucestershire mob didn’t even tell you much on their CV’s. Only one advised of their job and one that they were in the police one upon a time and much worst – the police association.
Forest Sheep (friend of Boris the Boar)

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