It is a waste of money

I have participated in both EU,National and Local elections since the age of 18. I believe that voting is not just a right but a responsibility which is why i turned out yesterday and voted.

However, I believe that the vote yesterday was fundamentally flawed as policing is already controlled by politicians both locally and nationally. Therefore to elect yet another politician to another layer of bureaucracy is a total waste of public money. In this time of difficulty with finances is this really a good use of public money. The funds taken with organising the election and paying for this post could have been used for a variety of other things including cutting the national debt left to us by the last incompetent government. Or if the money is to be spent why not put it into the police budgets or to employ the best person for the job based on a proper selection process including job descriptions, applications and interviews.

I wrote across my ballot paper that this is a waste of money

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