Waste of space

1Two poor and politically motivated candidates who are not worth voting for and definitely not suited for the post.2 Lack of information didn’t help their cause. 3 Ill thought out by Govt.
Old adage, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

not enough information given to general public

No information as to who the old police authority actually was no information as to how candidates propsed to be better or who they were no information except on internet 20% housholds dont have computer Put note inballot box to this effect. Not democratic.

A new dictatorship (gravy train)

The elected police committee were bad enough and now a dictator.
They are supposed to consult and reflect the thoughts of the general public – how will they do that – the Forest of Dean MP doesn’t, so why would a PCC.
£5000 deposit would put off the lay person and only the rich would apply – snacks of jobs for the boys.
£100,000,000 spent on setting up what the public didn’t want.
They want more police on active duty – the £100,000,000 could have paid for that.
How much will the PCC cost – assume that they get £75,000 (wow – great money for not being accountable) and then add on the office costs of admin, secretarial expenses etc – will be around £200,000 a year or more.
The Gloucestershire mob didn’t even tell you much on their CV’s. Only one advised of their job and one that they were in the police one upon a time and much worst – the police association.
Forest Sheep (friend of Boris the Boar)

Don;t want police commissioners

No worthwhile argument has been put across for police commissioners.

I worry this will lead to a politicised and corrupt policing system.

Further there was insufficient information about candidates – there is an absence of local media to monitor what these people do.