At Odds With Our Constitution!

I actually felt like a vandal committing a criminal act by spoiling my ballot paper but felt it was the only way that I could demonstrate my disgust with the way we citizens of the U.K. have had this sneaky piece of legislation thrust upon us. Whoever in Government thought up this lunacy to replace Police Commissioners with clueless politicians should be ashamed and suspended from office. Apart from the indecent waste of taxpayers money to establish this venture plus the cost of these ‘elected’ political pretenders salaries, imagine how members of our hardworking police force must feel being governed by these impostors. Officers who have risen through the ranks demeaned and demoralised. No doubt Matthew Ellis will work ‘well’ with our Staffordshire Police Force as he’ll have no choice but to do so if only to enable himself to pick the brains of highly experienced personnel. I have always voted Tory so in my opinion, one small consolation is that we don’t have a Labour Party member snatching the ‘top job’. If you live in a Shire that had a candidate from a police background who has won the vote then you’re extremely lucky but it still does not alter the fact that the whole saga is really nothing more than a Greek tragedy played out on British soil.

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