Disagree with the politicisation of the role

Far better to have spent the 100 million on actual police officer recruitment, rather than set up 41 commissioners across the UK, which are political posts effectively, and the post holder is paid far too much for what they are expected to do, anyway.

I have some understanding of the candidates, as material is available on the internet, and there have been hustings where one can meet all the candidates in various parts of the county, ahead of election. However I understand the point of view of many, who say they have no knowledge of the candidates, this is particularly due to the failure in this election to provide relevant literature to all voters (households) – a failure of the government to include this.

The only positive things to come out of this are
a the low turnout,
b the large number of spoilt papers
c a good number of independent candidates were elected (but how independent of party politics are they really?)

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